DEBOOM Eco-Friendly Metallic Bonding Powder Coating Paint for Hardware

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Item name: DEBOOM Eco-friendly metallic bonding powder coating paint for hardware
Colour: various colours available or against pantone colour code or against sample color
Main material:Epoxy polyester resin
Physical Property:Specific gravity 1.4~1.8g/cm3 as per formula and color
Particle size average 35~40um

Application method:Spray
Customization: acceptable
Feature customization: Metallic effects, temperature-resistant,Anti-graffiti,Super hard,Anti-corrosion, eco-friendly,anti-bacteria, mirror-chormed, heat-insulation
Application: Hardware,metal parts,home applicance,Car,trains, building, hospital, furniture,Subway station
Lead time:7-15days

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What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a popular and highly effective method of applying protective and decorative finishes to a variety of surfaces.The process of powder coating starts with the application of a dry powder coating material onto a specific object. This powder is then given an electrostatic charge, causing it to naturally adhere to the surface. After the application, the object is subjected to heat curing, which allows the powder to melt and form a strong, even, and long-lasting coating. This method not only provides durability but also ensures uniform coverage for a high-quality finished product. The result is a smooth and attractive surface with superior resistance to chipping, fading, corrosion and abrasion compared to traditional liquid paints. Powder coatings are widely used in various industries such as automotive, furniture, appliances and construction due to their versatility, durability and eco-friendly properties.







Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer.

2.How long has your company been in this industry?
We have been in the research,manufacturering and sales for more than 8 years.

3.Is it graphene oil additive or graphene oxide additive?
We use purity 99.99% graphene, which is imported from Japan. It's 5-6 layer graphene.

4.What is MOQ?
2 bottles.

5.Do you have any certificates?
Yes, we have CE,SGS, 29patens and many certificates from China top testing agencies.

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