Energetic Graphene Obtained the CCPC Transportation Energy Saving Product Certification

Recently, our Energetic Graphene engine oil additive has won the certificate of Transportation Energy Conservation Product Certification from CCPC. We are the sole manufacturer in oil and fuel industry, winning this certificate in China. Our products are proven to be fuel-saving by authoritative testing center.

Founded in October 2006, CCPC is a third-party independent certification body approved by CNCA. It is jointly established by the Academy of Sciences of the Ministry of Transport, the Academy of Highway Sciences of the Ministry of Transport, and China Highway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd.


On September 11, 2020, Energetic graphene engine oil additive was successfully launched. This product utilizes the excellent properties of nano-graphene, such as super lubrication, strength 100 times stronger than steel, ultra-fine particle size, high thermal conductivity, etc. It uses a special dispersant to make nano-graphene form a uniform and effective dispersion system in engine oil, preventing agglomeration and precipitation. This led to the production of energetic graphene engine oil additive

Based on multiple tests on different types of vehicles, it was found that Energetic graphene engine oil additive has a significant fuel-saving effect on vehicles. Therefore, it is highly recommended for engines of various vehicles such as logistics, transport vehicles, and ships.

This time, Energetic Graphene engine oil additive accepted the inspection of the Transportation Product Certification Center. Through certification product consistency, process parameter inspection, routine inspection, confirmation inspection, function inspection and other systems, ensure that it can continue to meet certification requirements. The products produced also meet the requirements of the certification technical specifications. And ensure the consistency of certified products and product inspection samples, and obtain certification certificates.

This is not the first time Energetic Graphene engine oil additive has received authoritative certification. Energetic Graphene engine oil additive obtained SGS certification on March 18, 2020, and CE certification on January 28, 2022.

This CCPC transportation product certification is another recognition of Energetic Graphene engine oil additive products. In the future, Deboom Technology will continue to uphold technological innovation to empower high-quality products and strive to become an outstanding brand in the engine protectant industry.

Post time: Jul-26-2023