Helpful tips on car maintenance

Engine oil filter

01 Engine oil filter

Maintenance cycle synchronized with Energetic Graphene engine oil maintenance cycle.Graphene engine oil additive mixed with normal engine oil is also recommended.

02 Automatic transmission fluid

Comprehensive maintenance cycle 80,000 kilometers

The maintenance cycle and type of automatic transmission fluid vary for each type of transmission. When choosing, the type should be consistent with the original factory fluid. Some transmissions are claimed to be maintenance-free for life, but it is advisable to change if possible.

03 Transmission oil filter

It is recommended to replace the filter when changing the transmission oil

Different transmission filters have different materials, and not all of them can be removed and replaced.

04 Manual transmission oil

Maintenance cycle 100,000 kilometers

05 Antifreeze

Maintenance cycle 50,000 kilometers, long-life antifreeze maintenance cycle 100,000 kilometers

Different antifreeze additives are different, and mixing is not recommended. When choosing antifreeze, pay attention to the freezing point temperature to avoid failure in winter. In case of emergency, a small amount of distilled water or purified water can be added, but never use tap water, as it can cause rust in the waterways.

06 Windshield washer fluid

In cold weather, choose antifreeze windshield washer fluid, otherwise it may freeze at low temperatures, which can damage the motor when sprayed.

07 Brake fluid

Replacement cycle 60,000 kilometers

Whether brake fluid needs to be replaced mainly depends on the water content in the fluid. The more water, the lower the boiling point, and the more likely it is to fail. The water content in the brake fluid can be tested at an auto repair shop to determine if it needs to be replaced.

08 Power steering fluid

Recommended replacement cycle 50,000 kilometers

09 Differential oil

Rear differential oil replacement cycle 60,000 kilometers

Front-wheel-drive front differentials are integrated with the transmission and do not require separate differential oil replacement.

10 Transfer case oil

Replacement cycle 100,000 kilometers

Only four-wheel-drive models have a transfer case, which transfers power to the front and rear differentials.

11 Spark plugs

Nickel alloy spark plug replacement cycle 60,000 kilometers

Platinum spark plug replacement cycle 80,000 kilometers

Iridium spark plug replacement cycle 100,000 kilometers

12 Engine drive belt

Replacement cycle 80,000 kilometers

Can be extended until cracks appear before replacement

13 Timing drive belt

Recommended replacement cycle 100,000 kilometers

The timing drive belt is sealed under the timing cover and is an important part of the valve timing system. Damage can affect the valve timing and damage the engine.

14 Timing chain

Replacement cycle 200,000 kilometers

Similar to the timing drive belt, but lubricated with engine oil and has a longer lifespan. The material of the timing cover can be observed to determine the timing drive method. Generally, plastic indicates a timing belt, while aluminum or iron indicates a timing chain.

15 Throttle body cleaning

Maintenance cycle 20,000 kilometers

If the air quality is poor or there are frequent windy conditions, it is recommended to clean every 10,000 kilometers.

16 Air filter

Clean the air filter every time the engine oil is changed

If it is not very dirty, it can be blown with an air gun. If it is too dirty, it needs to be replaced.

17 Cabin air filter

Clean the cabin air filter every time the engine oil is changed

18 Fuel filter

Internal filter maintenance cycle 100,000 kilometers

External filter maintenance cycle 50,000 kilometers

19 Brake pads

Front brake pad replacement cycle 50,000 kilometers

Rear brake pad replacement cycle 80,000 kilometers

This refers to disc brake pads. During braking, the front wheels bear a greater load, so the wear rate of the front brake pads is about twice that of the rear wheels. When the front brake pads are replaced twice, the rear brake pads should be replaced once.

Generally, when the brake pad thickness is around 3 millimeters, it needs to be replaced (the brake pad inside the wheel hub gap can be directly seen).

20 Brake discs

Front brake disc replacement cycle 100,000 kilometers

Rear brake disc replacement cycle 120,000 kilometers

When the edge of the brake disc is significantly raised, it needs to be replaced. Basically, every two times the brake pads are replaced, the brake discs need to be replaced.

21 Tires

Replacement cycle 80,000 kilometers

Front and rear or diagonal rotation cycle 10,000 kilometers

Tire grooves usually have a limit wear indicator block. When the tread depth is close to this indicator, it needs to be replaced. Tire rotation is to ensure even wear on all four tires, reducing the frequency of replacement. Some performance cars are equipped with directional tires and cannot be rotated front to rear or diagonally.

After a long time, tires are prone to cracking. When cracks appear on the tread rubber, they can still be used, but if cracks appear in the grooves or sidewalls, it is recommended to replace them. When there is a bulge on the sidewall, the internal steel wire has ruptured and needs to be replaced.


Post time: Mar-20-2024