Introduction of Energetic Graphene original base oil


What is Energetic graphene Original base oil?

Energetic graphene Original base oil belongs to the mother liquid of lubricating oil, which is purified and refined through pure synthesis. It is a black gold pure synthetic oil in engine lubricating oil, which has all the characteristics of engine oil and is compatible with various brands of engine oil. It is specifically developed for the maintenance of gasoline vehicles.

Energetic Graphene original base oil uses 99.9% high-purity black gold material. Thanks to the excellent performance of black gold material - graphene with low friction coefficient, high strength, ultra-fine particle size, ultra-high thermal conductivity, etc., Energetic Graphene original base oil can protect the engine, maintain strong power, and save fuel consumption in various harsh vehicle and road conditions.

The three major benefits of Energetic Graphene original base oil:

Repair function: The black gold penetrating oil film can evenly adsorb the cylinder wall, repair cylinder strains, and reduce cylinder wall friction. Reducing noise by 9.6% and vibration by 10.26% can extend the service life of the engine.

Oil saving performance: The black gold permeable film generated from the original base oil has super strong extreme pressure and anti-wear performance and adhesion, always maintaining lubrication performance without loss, and can reduce fuel consumption by 5-20%.

Boosting power: The advanced black gold protective coating technology of the original base oil can form a black gold permeable film with nanosheets of molecules, which can fill the tension and wear of the cylinder, fill the gaps between the piston and the cylinder wall, improve the airtightness of combustion and cylinder pressure, and significantly enhance power.

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Post time: Apr-16-2024