Introduction to the project “Research on the Application of New Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technologies for Vehicles Based on New Engine Protectants in Road Transport”

Engine protective agents are professional additives designed specifically for engines, which can improve engine oil performance, effectively lubricate the engine, reduce friction and wear, enhance engine oil quality and durability, and thus achieve the goal of protecting the engine. The quality of engine protective agents directly affects the sealing performance of the engine, which in turn affects the level of vehicle exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. In order to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction effects for engines, the market demand for high-performance engine protective agents is increasing. Graphene based engine protective agents have excellent performance in reducing wear and loss, protecting the engine, and reducing noise. The application of this type of engine protective agent in road transportation vehicles has significant effects and effects on achieving vehicle energy conservation and emission reduction.


This project will systematically review the energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and methods of road transportation vehicles, as well as the application of engine protective agents, fully grasp the current status of technological development and industry trends, analyze the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of graphene engine protective agents, and their role in energy-saving and emission reduction; By organizing road transportation enterprises to carry out pilot applications of graphene engine protective agent products, the energy-saving and emission reduction effects of graphene protective agent products are scientifically evaluated, and the technical standards for graphene engine protective agent are proposed, providing a foundation and basis for the production, inspection, and application of graphene engine protective agent products. The research of this project is conducive to promoting the promotion and application of graphene engine protective agents, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in the transportation industry.

Post time: Jul-04-2023