The Logistics Industry Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Seminar Was Successfully Held!

On July 5, 2023, the first Nantong Logistics Industry Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Seminar was held at Deboom Technology Nantong Co., Ltd. This seminar was sponsored by Nantong Logistics Association and Deboom Technology Nantong Co., Ltd. 12 logistics companies and logistics experts from different regions attended the seminar to jointly promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the logistics industry.


At the opening ceremony, Zhou Jie, president of Nantong Logistics Association, delivered a welcome speech and expressed his gratitude to the logistics experts present at the meeting. He pointed out that the current pain point of energy saving and emission reduction in the logistics industry and its importance to national economic development are the urgent needs of energy saving and emission reduction in the current logistics industry. Liu Decheng, chairman of Deboom Technology Nantong Co., Ltd., proposed a new solution to the fuel-saving problem of logistics trucks - Energetic Graphene engine protectant. Chairman Liu first affirmed the view that "fuel-saving products are not a matter of intelligence tax", and cited the national fuel-saving and energy-saving testing standards as evidence. Then he briefly introduced the graphene material, and introduced Energetic Graphene engine protectant through various certification and testing documents, which proved that Energetic Graphene engine protectant real and effective energy saving and emission reduction capabilities are trustworthy. After the meeting, Chairman Liu led logistics experts to visit the graphene preparation workshop and Energetic Graphene engine protectant production workshop. Through this visit, we learned that the uniqueness of Energetic Graphene engine protectant is that it uses fewer graphene layers, which has better performance compared with graphene oxide and modified graphene products on the market. It is a high-quality product that combines practicality and affordability.It can be seen that Energetic graphene engine protectant plays a positive role in energy saving and emission reduction.

Post time: Jul-26-2023