Revolutionary Product NanoTechnology Graphene Engine motor Oil ,Reducing friction/emission and Improve performance,fuel Economy,

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Material: Full synthetic engine oil ,SP grade+ 5-6layer graphene

Using method: feed the oil tank with fresh graphene engine oil or mix it with other brand engine oil at 1:1

Benefits: the abrasion and wear, extend the engine service life
2. enhance the performance by 5-10%
3. Improve fuel economy by 5-20%
4.Remove the carbon deposit and black smoke
5.It reduce engine emission by 20-30%, noise by 9.6%, vibration by12.6%
6. Accelerate the engine heat dissipation

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Place of Origin China
Brand Name Energetic Graphene
Application Automotive Lubricant
Type Adhesive
Specification SAE
General Composition BASE Oil
Model Number W30
Product name Revolutioanary Products NanoTechnology Graphene Engine motor Oil W30,
Material Synthetic base oil and black gold anti-friction material
Using method mix it with other brand engine oil at 1:1
Function 1 Remove carbond deposit and black smoke
Function 2 Improve the performance(5-10%) and save fuel(5-20%)
Function 3 Reduce emission(20-30%),noise (9.6%),vibration(10.26%)
Function 4 Reduce friction,Repair engine, prolong engine life
Type W30 for gasoline engine
Capacity 1Litre
Certificate CE, CCPC




Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer
2.How long has your company been in this industry?
We have been in the research, manufacturering and sales for more than 8 years.
3.Why should we choose your engine oil?
Our engine oil is driven by the latest Nano technology. It contains black gold material, which is the best tribological material to reduce friction and enhance lubricating property.
4.What is bottle capacity
5.Do you have any certificates?
Yes, we have CE,SGS, 29patents and many certificates from China top testing agencies

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