Deboom Energetic Graphene Graphene Lubricant Oil Additive Saving Fuel Cost Improving Engine Performance

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Deboom Energetic Graphene Nano lubricative oil additive saving fuel cost enhancing engine performance
Composition: base engine oil and Nanographene
Capacity:100ml/bottle for gasoline engine,
Colour: black
Application: vehicle engine
Method: filling into the opening of lubricant oil tank, 100ml additive mixed with 4L lubricant oil,no exceeding 2-3% of total base oil
1.Enhance the engine powder
2. improve the fuel consumption economy( saving 5-20% fuel consumption)
3.Repair the wear of engine and reduce the friction and abrasion
4.Extend engine service life
5.Reduce the noises and vibration
6.Reduce the carbon and toxic emission to the environment ( maximum 30% emission reduced)
Lead time:5 days

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A Brief Introduction of Graphene

Friction and wear are prevalent in mechanical systems, including engines, due to the interaction between mechanical components Friction consumes a lot of energy, and wear will lead to premature failure of parts. In order to improve the service efficiency and life of engine, friction and wear between parts must be reduced. Lubrication technology is the key technology to solve friction and wear, prolong the service life of engine and reduce energey consuming.

The use of graphene, an exceptional nanomaterial, greatly enhances the lubricating properties of base engine oil, thereby improving tribological performance.When engine is started, graphene nano particles enable penetration and coating of wear crevices (surface asperities) forming a thin protective film between metal parts of moving pistons and cyliners.Due to the very small molecular particles of graphene, it can generate a ball effect during friction between the cylinder and the piston,transforming sliding friction between metal parts into rolling friction between graphene layers. By significantly reducing friction and wear, combined with enhanced powder properties, energy can be saved and fuel consumption more efficient. Besides, during the circumstance of high pressure and temperature, graphene will attach onto the metal surface and repair the wear of the engine(carburizing technology), which will prolong the engine service life. When engine work efficiently, the carbon and toxic emission to the environment is reduced and noises /vibrations will decrease consequently.


How Energetic Graphene Works?

Graphene is a revolutionary material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. It was discovered in 2004, earning Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. Graphene exhibits extraordinary properties that make it extremely attractive for a variety of applications. It is very strong, yet lightweight, with a tensile strength more than 100 times higher than steel. It also has excellent electrical conductivity, allowing electrons to flow through it at extremely high speeds. Plus, it has impressive thermal conductivity, allowing it to dissipate heat effectively. These remarkable properties bring graphene to numerous potential applications in various industries. In electronics, it promises to drive advances in faster, more efficient transistors, flexible displays and high-performance batteries. In the energy sector, graphene-based materials are being explored for more efficient solar cells, fuel cells and energy storage devices. Its strength and flexibility also make it ideal for materials science applications such as composites, coatings and textiles. Despite its great potential, large-scale production of graphene and its integration into commercial products remain challenges. However, ongoing research and advancements continue to drive practical applications of graphene's remarkable properties.

Timken Friction Test


After adding our products, tests show that the friction is greatly reduced and the lubricating efficiency is significantly improved.


Vehicles with gasoline engine.

Deboom Energetic Graphene New Small Package 100ml Anti-Abrasion Graphene Motor Oil Additive




Why Us?

1.We Have 29 Patents Totally
2.8 Years' Research on Graphene
3.Imported Graphene Material from Japan
4.We Are the Sole Manufacturer in the Industry of Oil and Fuel Additive in China
Obtaining the Transportation Energy Saving

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of graphene engine oil additive.

2.How long has your company been in this industry?
We have been in the research,manufacturering and sales for more than 8 years.

3.Is it graphene oil additive or graphene oxide additive?
We use purity 99.99% graphene, which is imported from Japan. It's 5-6 layer graphene.

4.What is MOQ?
2 bottles.

5.Do you have any certificates?
Yes, we have CE, SGS, CCPC, TUV, 29patens and many certificates from China top testing agencies.

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