Deboom Energetic Graphene Graphene Lubricant Oil Additive Saving Fuel Cost Improving Performance

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Deboom Energetic Graphene graphene lubricant oil additive saving fuel cost improving performance
Composition: base engine oil and Nanographene
Capacity:100ml/bottle for gasoline engine, 500ml/bottle for diesel engine,
Colour: black
Application: vehicle engine
Method: filling into the opening of lubricant oil tank, 100ml additive mixed with 4L lubricant oil.
1.Enhance the engine powder
2. improve the fuel consumption economy( saving 5-20% fuel consumption)
3.Repair the wear of engine and reduce the friction and abrasion
4.Extend engine service life
5.Reduce the noises and vibration
6.Reduce the emission to the environment ( maximum 30% emission reduced)
Lead time:5 days

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How Energetic Graphene Engine Oil Works?

Graphene-based engine oils utilize the unique properties of graphene to enhance lubrication and reduce engine friction. It works like this:
1.Reduces friction: Graphene has an extremely low coefficient of friction, which means it reduces resistance between moving surfaces. When used as an engine oil additive, graphene can form a high-strength protective layer on the surfaces it contacts, reducing friction and wear.
2.Improved durability: Graphene's exceptional mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity make it an ideal additive for engine oils. It forms a strong protective film on engine components, reducing wear and extending their life.

3.Heat dissipation: Graphene's high thermal conductivity allows it to effectively dissipate heat from engine components. This helps reduce the risk of overheating and maintains an optimum operating temperature, improving engine efficiency and performance.
4.Corrosion resistance: Graphene's unique structure and chemical properties make it resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Adding graphene to engine oil could help protect engine components from corrosive substances and extend their overall durability.
Reduced fuel consumption: By reducing friction and improving engine efficiency, graphene engine oils may reduce fuel consumption. This is because the engine runs more smoothly, drags less, and requires less energy to run.


Timken Friction Test


Test shows the friction is greatly reduced and the lubrication effect is significantly improved after energetic graphene is used in the oil.


Vehicles with gasoline engine.





Why Us?

1.29 Patents Owner;
2.8 Years' Research on Graphene;
3.Imported Graphene Material from Japan;
4.The Sole Manufacturer in the Industry of China.
Obtaining the Transportation Energy Saving Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We operate as a professional manufacturing company.

2.How many years has your company been involved in this industry?
Our company has been actively engaged in research, manufacturing, and sales for over 8 years

3.Is it graphene oil additive or graphene oxide additive?
We use purity 99.99% graphene, which is imported from Japan. It's 5-6 layer graphene.

4.What is MOQ?
2 bottles.

5.Do you have any certificates?
Yes, we have CE, SGS, 29patens and many certificates from China top testing agencies.

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