Deboom Energetic Graphene Graphene Truck Engine Oil Addit Improving Fuel Efficiency and Engine Performance

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Deboom Energetic Graphene graphene truck engine oil addit improving fuel efficiency and engine performance
Composition: base engine oil and Nanographene
Capacity:100ml/bottle for gasoline engine, 500ml/bottle for diesel engine,
Colour: black
Application: Various vehicle with diesel engine/petrol engine/LNG ENG engine/Marine engine
Method: filling into the opening of lubricant oil tank, 100ml additive mixed with 4L lubricant oil,No exceeding 2-3% of total base oil
1.Enhance the engine powder
2. improve the fuel consumption economy( saving 5-20% fuel consumption)
3.Repair the wear of engine and reduce the friction and abrasion
4.Prolong the engine lifespan
5.Reduce the noises and vibration
6.Reduce the engine emission to the environment ( maximum 30% emission reduced)
Lead time:5 days

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How Energetic Graphene Works?

Friction and wear between mechanical parts widely exist in mechanical systems. It’s the same with engines.Friction dissipates a lot of energy, and excessive wear can lead to premature component failure In order to improve the service efficiency and life of engine, friction and wear between parts must be reduced. Lubrication technology is the key technology to solve friction and wear, prolong the service life of engine and reduce energey consuming.

Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer or a few layers of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice.With this special structure,Graphene is known as the ideal nanomaterial to improve tribological performance and it enhances the lubricant properties of base engine oil for its small friction property. When engine is started, graphene nano particles enable penetration and coating of wear crevices (surface asperities) forming a thin protective film between metal parts of moving pistons and cyliners.Due to the very small molecular particles of graphene, it can generate a ball effect during friction between the cylinder and the piston,transforming sliding friction between metal parts into rolling friction between graphene layers. friction and abrasion are greatly reduced and internal combustion is more sufficient, consequently saving the energy and improving the fuel consumption efficiency. Besides, during the circumstance of high pressure and temperature, graphene will attach onto the cylinder wall and repair the worn part of the engine(carburizing technology), which will extend the engine service life. When engine work efficiently, the carbon/toxic emissionfrom to the environment is reduced and noises /vibrations will decrease consequently.


Debon has been committed to the research and application of carbon nanomaterials for more than eight years. In 2019, we successfully produced China's first graphene-based engine oil additive, a historic achievement. We use 5-6 layers of few-layer graphene with a purity of up to 99.99%, which ensures the excellent properties of graphene, especially in terms of lubrication. Our breakthrough achievement in developing graphene-based engine oil additives demonstrates our commitment to innovating and pushing the boundaries of materials science. By exploiting the unique properties of graphene, such as its exceptional strength, excellent electrical conductivity and excellent thermal conductivity, we have been able to improve the performance and efficiency of lubrication systems. This breakthrough opens up new possibilities for improving engine efficiency, reducing friction and extending mechanical life. We believe our pioneering efforts in graphene research and applications will continue to revolutionize various industries, including automotive, aerospace and manufacturing. Through continuous progress and continuous exploration, Deboom is committed to unlocking the full potential of graphene and contributing to a sustainable and efficient future.

Timken Friction Test


The contrast of Timken Tests shows the friction is greatly reduced and the lubricating effect is significantly improved after energetic graphene is used in the oil.


Vehicles with gasoline engine.





Why Us?

1.29 Patents Owner
2.8 Years' Research on Graphene
3.Imported Graphene Material from Japan
4.The Sole Manufacturer in the Industry of China
Obtaining the Transportation Energy Saving Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer.

2.How long has your company been in this industry?
We have been in the research, manufacturering and sales of graphene material and releated products for more than 8 years.

3.Is it graphene oil additive or graphene oxide additive?
We use purity 99.99% graphene, which is imported from Japan. It's 5-6 layer graphene.

4.What is MOQ?
2 bottles.

5.Do you have any certificates?
Yes, we have CE, SGS, CCPC, TUV, 29patens and many certificates from China top testing agencies.

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